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January 26, 2009, Seattle – Express Imaging Systems (EIS), LLC announces a hard-bound, HD silver halide photo book manufacturing option with customizable covers: the HD Mini Photo Book. The HD Mini Photo Book is a ‘mini’ 4 x 5 inch format photo book with a binding that lays flat for full bleed pages. The pages are 450 ppi silver halide HD printsTM bound into a book block and manually cased into a durable hard cover, customizable with cover photo, color choices and embossed text. These photo books are the unique end product of the HD Mini Photo Book System, including MyBook software, a Europa printer, the Express Minibook Maker, custom hard covers and the Masterpress Stamping Machine.

The HD Mini Photo Book can be manufactured at a rate of 30 books per hour. The process begins when a customer uses the MyBook software either at home or at a kiosk to create экскурсия на теплоходе спб. The 450 ppi HD (high definition) Print pages are printed with the Europa high speed digital printer at a rate of 5-15,000 pph depending on the model. Using the Europa’s multiple print channels, book pages can be printed at the same time as other retail work, says EIS. The cut print pages are then assembled into a book block with the Express Minibook Maker. The Express Minibook Maker uses a low temperature adhesive substrate and requires no special operating environment.

“This equipment is easily incorporated into an environment that has never performed bindery operations before,” says Derek Fieldhouse, Sales Manager of PhotoIntel Group, a European subsidiary of EIS.“The HD Mini Photo Book solution gives the quality advantage of silver halide, a technology that consumers trust and photofinishers know how to deliver, matched with 450 ppi resolution,” says Keith Miller, President and CEO of EIS. “High-resolution images give the mini concept an extra spark. Small images sparkle.”

Covers are customized with a cover photo and embossed text per the customer’s order. Embossed text, available in multiple fonts and sizes, along with the silver halide cover image are hot stamped into the cover using the Masterpress. This manual procedure takes under a minute to perform. The new custom cover has adhesive endpapers for a swift manual casing-in that also takes less than a minute. “The result is a hard bound silver halide book to rival any wedding album – but in a convenient, affordable, mini size,” says Keith Miller.

See samples of the HD Mini Photo Book and some of the equipment used to create it at booth E287,  PMA 2009, Las Vegas, March 3-5.  Representatives from Hostert Pro will also be in attendance at the booth to answer questions about their paper processing equipment.

About Express Imaging Systems: Express Imaging Systems enjoys a reputation as a manufacturer of innovative high speed digital printers, digital film scanners and software for photofinishing operations. Our 150 years of collective experience in photofinishing provides reliable throughput and un-paralleled image quality.

About The PhotoIntel Group Europe : The PhotoIntel Group offers a range of innovative high quality photographic  and reprographic products on a worldwide basis. In a move by Express Imaging Systems to strengthen its commitment to the European market, the PhotoIntel Group is a subsidiary of Express Imaging Systems, LLC starting September 1, 2008.

For more information please contact:
Derek Fieldhouse, The PhotoIntel Group Europe,,
or call 0044 116 2325169.
Cathleen Shattuck, Express Imaging Systems,,
or call 206-720-1798       





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