Letter of Intent for College (How to Write and Sample)

Letter of Intent for college is a letter written for the intention in college. Writing this letter is usually a procedure of completeness of documents in the admission process that states your intention to enter the institution.

In general, the contents of this letter of intent determine your educational background, your personality, and your future desires both during education and after education.

You can also explain your grades, such as academic and non-academic achievement, exam scores, and other relevant academic indicators to support your personality’s positive value.

So with these data will convince the college committee that you are one of the best students they should allow studying in college. So this article will show how the process of writing a letter of Intent for college as follows.

How to Start a Letter of Intent for College

Tips to look write a letter of intent for college out for:

  1. Explained you know enough about the college, the programs they offer, and most importantly, the course you choose. This relates to your basic why you want to go to college. Once you have conveyed this and are very confident, then find out to who the letter should be addressed, and address it to the person who can be a college leader or the person handling the admissions process. This shows that you have done in-depth research on the campus and the people within it.
  2. An introductory paragraph, in this case, your first paragraph mentions what program you want in a college. Ensure that you give the reader interesting things such as the course’s idea should be dense, clear, and interesting do not need to explain at length, which will make the assessor become confused and lose substance.
  3. In the next paragraph, you can explain the development of interest in the field you propose, the process of achieving the goals you have set, and become part of this program. Do amazing things to support your career.
  4. If you have work experience, you have advantages (personal abilities, skills, and talents). After that, mention the extracurricular activities while at school, both volunteers and non-profit organizations, and explain your role. It is best not to mention your weaknesses unless someone asks during the interview and provides a solution to cover your weaknesses later. For example, mention that you can work in a team very well can even be a coordinator, or you have hobbies such as reading and participating in scientific activities must be very good.
  5. In the Last Paragraph then you can reaffirm with specifics why you would love to be part of that particular program and how it will help you achieve the academic goals you have set for your future and to be beneficial to your nation and country in the future. Moreover, how college will benefit by giving you a college entrance because of the determination and commitment you show is taken very seriously.
  6. Hopefully, with the tips mentioned above, you will find the process of writing this letter of intent for college has become much easier. Now go ahead and write that letter to take you to the college of your dreams. Good luck!

You can also see a simple example letter of Intent for college below if you do not have your ideas in writing it.

Sample Letter of Intent for College

School of …. (Your field of Study)
University of… (Your University)
Illinois (City),

June …, 20xx (Date)

Dear Sir/Ma’am
My name is …… (Your name) and at present I ampursuing my studies as a senior at …. (Your School), ….. (City). Where my main subjects are economics and math. I ama writing this letter to express my interest in the graduation programme at your prestigious university.

I have had a fairly good academic record and some significant achievements in extracurricular activities like debate, quizzes and other competitions. I have enclosed photocopies of my marksheets and certificates with this letter for your kind perusal.

I learned about the benefits of the programme offered by your university through the university web site. Your annual Math Olympiad is famous, and your esteemed panel of teachers encourages a healthy atmsphere fpr research, which in particular, caught my interest.

I would consider myself lucky to be a part of the university and hope to hear from you soon.


…………… (Your name)

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