How To Write Motivation Letter For Scholarship (With Sample)

A scholarship motivation letter is a letter written to determine how much motivation you have to convince the scholarship institution that you can be invited to an interview or approve your application to be accepted as one of the candidates.

In this motivational letter, we will discuss how to write a motivation letter to get a scholarship and provide examples to help you write it.

In writing a motivational letter for scholarship, you must accompany your application and supporting file documents such as transcripts of your grades, diplomas, or resumes required by the scholarship.

In writing a motivational letter for a good scholarship, you must ensure that insulting is methodically based and structured through the best possible measures. In general, the parts of the scholarship motivation letter are as follows:

Structure of Motivation Letter for Scholarship

1. Introduction/in general

In the introduction, write in general, the form of a substance containing your motivation letter’s contents to get the scholarship, and the order is structured.

You must explain why you would like to get a scholarship, your skills or quality that will benefit the scholarship giver, and why you are interested in the scholarship.

Describe your experience and your plans.

2. Opening and Introduction

At the opening, write your introduction by introducing yourself to the scholarship recipient, addressing your recipient by name, if possible, to provide your motivation letter personally.

Make an exciting introduction to give scholarships their attention and encourage them to read in their entirety, including details about your achievements in this section in-depth.

3. Body letter

In the body of the scholarship motivation letter, you explain in depth your outline to get this scholarship is guessing what you will do with this scholarship and why you should get the scholarship.

Each paragraph describes a new topic related to scholarships, if necessary, to do an analysis.

Your motivational letter must convince the scholarship giver that you are the best choice, so use exciting facts and affect the reader.

4. Cover

In the end, write the conclusion on your motivational letter that summarizes your goals and inserts a positive and constructive final impression on the scholarship giver.

You should also thank the scholarship giver for considering your application and express your great hope that you can be accepted as a scholarship candidate.

5. Recheck your motivation letter

Correct your motivation letter to be more concise and professional. Edit the information already listed in the application form.

Make multiple error checks to identify any errors or make sure that your mail has professional grammar and spelling.

Ask a trusted friend or colleague to correct your scholarship motivation letter.

Tips for Write Motivation Letter For Scholarship

In writing a letter of motivation scholarship, a good structure should be supported by tips:

  1. In addition to writing this letter can be efficient and effective so that these tips will help you have the best motivation letter among others as for the tips as follows:
  2. Create a template for the layout and format of your letter before you write it. It will give your letter an overview of the structure and ideas of how you want to write it.
  3. Your letter should explain the point directly, and there is no need to explain things that are not of substance to make the assessor unable to draw the next reading, and you should get right to the point in the beginning.
  4. This letter is written to state your intentions and mention your achievements, thus allowing the admissions committee to decide. In writing, you must present in full. Nicely, but not in a way that makes you sound arrogant.
  5. You must correct your letter thoroughly and edit it as much as possible so that only the most relevant details are included.
  6. You must write this letter well, high enthusiasm, good spirit, for your dedication, and your ideals. to the program and your desire to get into it is truly reflected in it. Without these elements, it would merely be a meaningless piece of bland writing.
  7. Your letter should not be too long, nor should it be concise. Feel free to give an example to show your quality. The committee is unlikely to understand everything you say, and the example you provide will help them understand your letter better.
  8. Finally, to make sure that it is a letter of intent of sincerity you wrote, imagine yourself being on the admissions panel and see how you will see the author of that letter. Would you like to invite him for an interview and get to know him better? Or are you going to dismiss it as just another aspiration to get into your college? This exercise will give you much clarity about how your letter was written.
  9. With the tips mentioned above, you will find that the process of writing a letter of intent for students has become much more straightforward. Now go ahead and write that letter to take you to your dream scholarship. Good luck!

Example Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application

Example 1

To Mr. Dean,
Division International Research and Development for Human Beings

My name is Thomas, and I wrote this letter to show my interest in scholarships for the Bachelor of Pharmacy Science program. I have a great desire to help the people, and I hope my financial limitations will not hinder me in contributing to science development, especially in the discovery of drugs and my career in the future.

I come from a lower-class family with a single mother who works to help with education for me. Hard work and sharing for others must always be done to help each other. He also stressed the importance of education to us, teaching us that it will help us access a more comfortable life. His drive, along with my determination, helped me get some of the best grades in my high school class.

The many problems in treating diseases such as covid19, HIV, and cancer, and others – others encouraged me to find a drug that can cure people with my expertise and interest in drug discovery became a significant capital for me to become an expert in the future.

I have a fantastic work ethic that always makes me first place in the class and local and national competitions. The encouragement that I have from various parties will make me the best asset for Harvard University. I know your school has an excellent pharmaceutical program, and I feel it will give me the perfect environment to get the degree I need to achieve my dream job and community service. Rest assured that I will make the most of this scholarship opportunity and make you, my mother proud, and the community proud.

Thank you very much for your time used to consider my application, and I hope to get good news from you soon. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions about my application.

Kind regards,


Example 2

Example Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application 2

Example 3

Example Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application 3

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