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      Spare Parts

ES4B/5000 Manuals

ExpressScan 4Base Calibration Procedure (PDF, 74K)

ExpressScan 4Base Flat Field Procedure (PDF, 75K)

ExpressScan DX & Splice Camera Focus Procedure (PDF, 86K)

ExpressScan Software FAQ (PDF, 81K)

ExpressScan Spare Parts Guide (PDF, 1.59MB)

35mm Reconfiguration Kit Instructions (PDF, 3.54MB)

35mm to APS Change Over Kit Instructions (PDF, 577KB)

APS Reconfiguration Kit Instructions (PDF, 4.44MB)

APS to 35mm Change Over Kit Instructions (PDF, 396KB)

Memo: Removal of ExpressScan Lamphouse Coolers (PDF, 111KB)

ES4B Lamphouse Replacement Kit Installation Guide (PDF, 636KB)

ES4B Film Clamp Adjustment (PDF, 1,031KB)



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