Top 10 Universities in Belgium for International Students

Studying in Belgium means studying in the heart of Europe. Although many countries claim to be the ‘heart of Europe,’ Belgium comes closest to the truth.

In addition to modules-fries, waffles, fine chocolate, and a wide range of quality beers, Belgium also boasts an elite university that teaches in various national languages. In Europe’s heart, Belgium is to get to Paris, London, Amsterdam by train in approximately two hours. Including countries with multicultural, Belgium a fantastic choice for any international student.

Good quality of life, health, and education rank it as one of the safest and quietest study destinations globally. As of September 2018, 510,000 graduates are taking their studies in Belgium. Where 90,000 students come from abroad. This number continues to rise every year. Therefore, if this think of a place where it will not feel alone, Belgium may be the place.

Here is the list of the best Universities in Belgium for International students 2021.

Vlerick Business School

Vlerick Business School, Ghent
Dimitris Kamaras/

The campus is a leading international business and includes world-class accredited education programs, and focuses on theoretical knowledge and practical insights. This academic institution is leading by a strong tradition of innovative and independent research.

Moreover, it consistently ranks among the top business schools in Europe and the world. However, what sets Vlerick apart is not just what we do but also the spirit we do. Vlerick’s spirit by openness, vitality, and a passion for innovation and enterprise.

It is a spirit found in every aspect of the school and its activities: from enthusiastic and highly motivated staff to innovative and pragmatic teaching methods, from a global network of students, alumni, and corporate partners to inspiring and vibrant campuses.

It is all these elements together that have made Vlerick Business School today’s leading institution: Vlerick Business School is a leading institution and a place where people and organizations come together to shape the future of global business.

  • Location: Reep 1 Ghent, Belgium
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #201-250
  • QS World University Ranking Masters in Marketing #15
  • QS World University Ranking Masters in Management #29
  • QS World University Ranking Masters in Finance #38
  • Website:

Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management

Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management
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For a student who wants to learn, apply knowledge to concrete aspects of economics and management, and obtain a respected degree that offers a pathway to work, the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM) provides the highest-notch education in economics and management.

For researchers who enjoy a demanding and stimulating environment offering freedom and accountability, the Solvay research center is ideal for pursuing perfect research and expertise.

For professionals looking to improve their skills, advance careers and successfully manage businesses of all sizes across industries, the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management provides a comprehensive range of management education programs (including general management, strategy, finance, marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurship).

Solvay recognized in Europe as a top player in research and education in economics and management. The school’s mission is to produce pioneering research and educate women and men to become authentic leaders and entrepreneurs in their fields and continue to adapt and shape the future.

Solvay is the Université libre de Bruxelles School of Economics and Management.

  • Location: School of economics and management avenue franklin Roosevelt 42, Belgium
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • QS World University Ranking Masters in Management #45
  • QS World University Ranking Masters in Finance #35
  • Website:

Antwerp Management School

Graduation Ceremony of the Antwerp Management School
©Steven Lemmens voor IC-UC/

A master’s course at Antwerp Management School can make a difference. The Times Higher Education puts the Master in Global. The study program is among 16 worldwide in Antwerp, the center of rapidly growing creative culture and entrepreneurship, the world-famous diamond industry.

The campus offers direct master’s degrees in English in business, HR, finance, management, innovation, and entrepreneurship studies. It is practice-oriented and offers interactive classes. The last project can join the theory with practical experience that allows applying newly acquired knowledge immediately.

An essential aspect of full-time is its international character. Our goal is to turn students into Global Citizens. Learn to deal with various international backgrounds, which gives a realistic perspective on an international career. The personal development of the students is also an essential aspect of full-time.

More than 90% of Antwerp School of Management students find work within just three months of graduation. More than half of the school students are from outside Belgium, making the campus experience and network genuinely international.

  • Location: Boogkeers 5 Antwerp, Belgium
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • QS World University Ranking Masters in Supply Chain Management #14
  • QS World University Ranking Masters in Management #30
  • QS World University Ranking Masters in Finance #31
  • Website:

KU Leuven

KU Leuven
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KU Leuven has been a learning center for nearly six centuries and founding in 1425. Today, it is the highest-ranked university in Belgium and one of Europe’s oldest and most famous universities.

As Europe’s leading research university and co-founder of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), KU Leuven offers a wide range of English courses. These programs are supporting by high-quality research conducted in internationally recognized universities and hospitals.

The campus is in Europe’s heart and includes high-quality education, world-class research, and cutting-edge innovation. Educational and research excellence goes hand in hand, research-based, and ensures students gain academic competence and focus on critical and research-oriented attitudes.

  • Location: Reep 1 Ghent, Belgium
  • Total Student: 46,615
  • International Student: 7,548
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 83,4
  • Total faculty staff: 2,615
  • Overall Score: 63
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #16
  • QS World University Ranking #84
  • Website:

Ghent University

Ghent University

The campus is a public research campus and one of the most prestigious universities in Belgium, currently ranked in the top 150 QS World University Rankings.

Founded in 1817 with Latin as a teaching language, Ghent University is currently one of Flanders’ largest universities, with a student body of 41,000, including more than 4,150 international students. Language teaching at Ghent University is mainly Dutch, but the university offers several postgraduate courses taught in English.

Ghent University considers itself a pluralist university, which means it is not connected to a particular religion or ideology and is open to all students regardless of their background. It also has an international perspective, welcomes many international students and employees, and participates in the Erasmus exchange program.

  • Location: Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25 Ghent, Belgium
  • Total Student: 36,926
  • International Student: 4,184
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 53,7
  • Total faculty staff: 5,331
  • Overall Score: 52.5
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #11
  • QS World University Ranking #135
  • Website:

Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain)

Université Catholique de Louvain

Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), founded in 1425, is a comprehensive university of the Belgian French community. Almost all study fields, including 44 undergraduate courses and 198-26 master’s courses taught in English.

Professor Uclouvain was encouraged to make innovative techniques central to their teaching approach. Target students for the future to grow into problem solvers and open-minded citizens of the world.

Uclouvain enjoys an ideal location in Europe’s heart, with its main campus in the most economically dynamic province of Wallonia and six additional locations in Wallonia and Brussels. Uclouvain is a diverse and open community.

A third of its professors are women (and that percentage grows every year), and an almost equal proportion are international. Therefore, he participated in several international initiatives that opened the door to new teaching and research projects.

  • Location: Place de l’université 1 – 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  • Total Student: 24,613
  • International Student: 4,220
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Status: Private
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 50,2
  • Total faculty staff: 1,269
  • Overall Score: 44,1
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #12
  • QS World University Ranking #189
  • Graduate Employability Ranking #171-180
  • Website:

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

This campus is a dynamic modern state campus and has a campus placement in the Brussels-Capital Region, has ideal research, and belongs to the prestigious international education system with a European and global perspective.

VUB there are Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., and diploma programs and has relatively cheap tuition fees. Courses are taught by leading academics and business professionals, operating an open-door policy for students.

With more than 150 internationally recognized research teams, VUB prepares students in many fundamental and applied research disciplines. VUB plays an essential role in attracting and instigating new economic activities in and around its campuses.

VUB counts more than 16,000 students, 21% of whom are international, representing about 130 different nationalities.

  • Location: Vrije Universiteit Brussel Brussels, Belgium
  • Total Student: 11,819
  • International Student: 2,664
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 24,7
  • Total faculty staff: 1,792
  • Overall Score: 42,8
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #51-100
  • QS World University Ranking #200
  • Website:

University of Antwerp

University of Antwerp

It is a university located in Belgium and includes a long-held publicly accredited campus. The campus has high standards in education, including international research competition, and entrepreneurial spirit.

This campus also has nine faculties and was established in 2003, namely the faculty of Applied Economics, Arts, Law, Medicine and Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Social Sciences, Science, Design Sciences, and Applied Engineering. There are doctoral programs in all faculties, with over 1,700 Ph.D. students enrolled.

The University of Antwerp has about 20,000 local students, and about 3,800 are from abroad. Education is centered and competency-based. Students are stimulating to develop into independent-minded people who are capable of analytical thinking.

In line with the Bologna Process, the University of Antwerp has adopted the Bachelor-Master structure. The program offers a 3-year Bachelor’s program (180 ECTS credits) and a 1-year or 2-year master’s program (60 credits or 120 ECTS).

  • Location: Prinsstraat 13 Antwerp, Belgium
  • Total Student: 16,098
  • International Student: 2,730
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 22,5
  • Total faculty staff: 2,088
  • Overall Score: 38,3
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #51-100
  • QS World University Ranking #238
  • Website:

Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Brussels ULB campus
Jean-Luc Mathay/

Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) is an independent research university located around the capitals of Belgium and Europe. The ULB program has 40 undergraduate and 250 postgraduate courses.

Although it is a French-speaking institution, international students are universities for master’s French and English courses. ULB has collaborations with international institutions in Brussels and cooperation with Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

The university’s philosophy is more relevant than the question, and ULB is renowned for its culture of debate and its commitment to all progressive factors. Government bodies, staff, and student organizations are also very active in local and international activities, academic, and sustainable development.

The ULB network has alumni that can be found all over the world. The university has 12 faculties and scientific fields, Medicine to Law, Business, Engineering, Philosophy, and Architecture.

  • Location: Universite Libre de Bruxelles Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 50 Brussels, Belgium
  • Total Student: 23,170
  • International Student: 6,955
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 33
  • Total faculty staff: 1,093
  • Overall Score: 37,7
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #51-100
  • QS World University Ranking #250
  • Graduate Employability Ranking #181-190
  • Website:

Université de Liège

Université de Liège

The University of Liège is a public university close to the Wallonie-Brussels Federation. Since 1817, the country’s scientific, economic, and cultural development.

ULiège has exclusivity in Belgium in the French language of space science and clinical training in veterinary medicine. As a state university, ULiège is highly citizen-oriented and highly relevant to the city’s development and citizens’ lives.

ULiège is suitable for the economic and social development of the metropolitan city of Liège, a research development project for new copyright activities and jobs. Its mission is for the university to collaborate on Euroregions (Eurogio Meuse-Rhine and Grande Région).

ULiège will also be active in mobility and scientific activities, especially in Europe and international activities. Many communities for international research and study programs: In Liège, students and researchers have an academic environment, and there is a multilingual and multicultural use.

  • Location: Place du 20 Août 7 Liège, Belgium
  • Total Student: 20,724
  • International Student: 4,249
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 18,3
  • Total faculty staff: 1,622
  • Overall Score: 25,6
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #101-150
  • QS World University Ranking #451
  • Graduate Employability Ranking #251-300
  • Website:

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