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HD Prints

The high-definition HD Print™ seal was created for central labs to reinvigorate consumer desire to print their заявление на регистрацию брака on genuine silver halide paper. Inspired by the “Intel Inside” marketing campaign and the run-away popularity of HDTVs, the HD Print™ seal is available exclusively to Europa digital printer owners who are motivated to increase print volumes and market share in the regions served.

Creating Prestige
Driving Quality
Stimulating Demand

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What makes an HD Print™ a “high definition” print? HD Prints™ are printed using the roll-to-roll high speed Europa digital printer with its award winning 450 ppi light engine. With LCD source resolution 8x that of HDTVs, HD Prints™ have visible quality differences in:

• Color saturation
• Shadow detail
• Highlights
• Crisp definition of details
• Text resolution for greeting cards, etc.

Who is the target audience for HD Prints™ ? The brand has been created for a large consumer segment of the picture taking population: the quality conscious consumer. This consumer desires the highest quality print over other considerations when buying prints. This segment of the picture taking population demands quality and will value the prestige offered by HD Prints™.

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