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Create a conveniently sized, collectible photobook that your customers will love. Made from silver halide prints 5" x 7" to 6" x 8", Express Mini Photobooks are assembled using an adhesive substrate. Express Mini Photobooks are an excellent value and have a wide appeal with the amateur consumer market. Matte finish silver halide paper is reccomended.


The Express Minibook Maker is a robotic binding machine that creases then binds cut silver halide prints using coils of adhesive substrate. The adhesive substrate does not require heat and can be safely used without any special modifications to the operating environment. Special ventilation is штамп в паспорте journal tinkoff. The Minibook Maker requires minimal day to day maintenance.

The robotic Express Mini Photobook Maker retrieves prints from a collated stack, folds each print and adheres it to the back of the previous print until the book block has been assembled. As a final step the cover, chosen by the customer from a variety of materials including silver halide, is inserted into the machine. The cover is then 'cased-in' automatically. Silver halide is an archival medium and will retain the depth and color of your customer's images for years to come. No special coatings are required.

The Express Mini Photobook Maker is an affordable entry level photobook machine and runs with an extremely low overhead.

The Express Minibook Maker

  • assembly rate of 30 books per hour

  • 87 PSI (6 bar)

  • low temperature adhesive substrate

  • no special operation environment or ventilation required

  • 110/220 V ca
  • miniphotobook machine 

    Download a pdf brochure of the Express Photobook Mini System.

    Watch a short video of the the Express Mini Photobook Maker in production.


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